Nobody knows exactly what jobs will be in demand in the future. So, here’s a list of some “subtle” work habits, that experts say will help you no matter what jobs come along:

First: Avoid having a “negative bias.” Research shows that people tend to let negative events shape the way they think more than positive ones. For example: If you work in sales, you might be tempted to think about how hard it is to get new clients, because of all the people who hung up on you. Experts say that kind of thinking will only hold you back. So instead, try focusing on the positive things you did to land the clients you already have. Because that’ll help you reproduce your successes, so you won’t get stuck dwelling on your failures.

The 2nd healthy job habit: Keep in touch with former co-workers. Because 83% percent of today’s jobs come from what experts call “weak ties,” meaning people in your social circle who are not close friends or family. So, even if you work in a completely different industry now, keep in touch with former co-workers, and maybe meet for coffee once in a while. You never know when those “weak ties” might turn into a job opportunity.

One more job habit recommended by experts: Don’t settle. Let’s say your long-term goal is to be a teacher, but to help pay the bills, you take a job working in a bank, telling yourself “it’s only temporary.” Psychologists say whether you realize it or not, after just a few months on the job you’re going to think more like a banker than a teacher! That’s because behavior tends to be contagious, meaning the people you work with can literally change the way you think and behave. So, ask yourself: “Do I want to be like my co-workers in 10 years?” If you’re answer’s “no,” then find what you love and do it now!