Tips, advice and counseling for Relationships

Here are the possible mistakes you could make: 

  • Like believing that if no one’s complaining, everything’s okay. John Gottman is one of the world’s top relationship experts, and he says that when people stop complaining, it’s often a sign that they’ve given up on the relationship. What’s the fix? Encourage your spouse to tell you what they want whether it’s spending more time together or having you do more chores.  
  • Another relationship mistake: Figuring, ‘we’ve been together so long, it’s no big deal if I let myself go.’ Couples counselor Nancy Wasson says that lounging around in your stained sweatpants sends the message to your partner: “You’re not worth the time it takes to look good.” In fact, when you get dressed up, and your partner compliments your appearance, say something like, “I hoped you’d notice.” That lets them know you’re taking care of yourself because you want them to find you attractive. 
  • A final relationship mistake: thinking your partner knows you appreciate them. Researchers at Arizona State University quizzed couples about their relationships, and they discovered that a lot of people assumed their partners knew they were appreciated. But when they asked about overall happiness, the couples who thanked each other the least were the least satisfied with their relationship. The fix: Say thank you for even the smallest things like “Thanks for stopping to buy milk. I was too tired to stop at the grocery store after work.”