Tips, advice and counseling for Marriage

Today, a growing number of women are asking: “Who needs a husband?”

In fact, a new survey shows that only 1-in-4 women of prime marrying age said they’re looking for a long-term relationship. And for the first time in history, women are less likely than men to say they want to be married.

Surprised? Experts say this goes against the common stereotype that women are the ones “eager” to get married while men are supposed to be afraid of commitment. So, why are women no longer the “marrying types?”

For starters, many women say they don’t like their options. Because these days, women are more likely than men to earn college degrees, have jobs, and be career focused while men are more likely to be unemployed, and embrace a life of “beer, pizza, and videogames”.

Plus, more women are finding they can get by just fine without a husband. Because it’s not like the old days, when women relied on husbands for financial support or even to raise children. Instead, research shows that almost half of all households with kids are now being supported mostly by Mom, not Dad. And in marriages where the wife earns more than the husband, statistics show that couples tend to be less satisfied with their marriage, and more likely to divorce.

That’s one reason why a lot of women say even if they have a full-time job, they’re still performing their “traditional gender roles” at home, like cooking and cleaning, because they don’t want to appear “threatening” to their husbands.

But a lot of women don’t want to even bother with all that. So, they’re choosing to stay single instead.

What about you? Do you want to stay single or get hitched? Please share your comments below.