More couples break up in January than any other month of the year. Why? Because no one wants to ruin Christmas – so they save the breakup for January! But the most wonderful time of the year can sometimes make relationships worse. Here’s why:

  • Holiday stress can make couples rethink their relationship. For example, you might be tired of dealing with a partner who drinks too much, or whose family is unbearable. And the heightened emotion of Christmas and New Years can shine a spotlight on existing problems that had already brought you to the brink of a breakup.
  • But the January breakup probably should’ve happened in October. Experts say most of us are reluctant to end a relationship right before a significant life event, like a birthday, an anniversary, or the holidays. Why? It often includes gifts, visits to family, and nonrefundable airline tickets. So, the person planning a breakup tries to soften the blow by waiting until the holidays are over. But that just makes things worse. Because you’ve just spent weeks shopping, traveling, and celebrating the good times, so the person not expecting a breakup gets blindsided.
  • There are different expectations. Say, she was expecting a significant gift, like an engagement ring. But he gave her a DVD collection of “Glee” episodes. When people suddenly realize they have very different expectations, it can lead straight to a post-holiday breakup.
  • Because it’s the New Year. It’s a time to make changes and resolutions and if the relationship’s not going anywhere – or you realize you have more bad times than good times – it’s common for people to break things off, and make a fresh start.