Do you use the TV as a babysitter? I know Iím guilty.

I had great intentions. I swore that the books on the shelf would outnumber the movies, and they do. Thereís an entire bookcase just for the kids, and I try to read to them whenever I can. I donít want my kids to be raised by a backpack-wearing little girl on TV who waits an uncomfortably long time for human response. (Why so creepy, Dora?)

But, I do have to shower. So if the DVR can buy me a few minutes to get myself together, maybe even shave, then we all win. Including my co-workers.

As far as going to the movies, I like to save that for a special occasion Ė and I make sure itís age appropriate. No oneís 5-month-old needs to see The Dark Knight Rises. Seriously.