Whoever said love was free got it wrong! Take a look at these survey results about how much you can expect to spend on your loved ones. For example:

  • Guys, are you think of popping the question to your girlfriend? Be prepared to spend about $3,200! That’s the average cost of a diamond engagement ring.
  • Then, if you want to have kids. You and your sweetheart can expect to spend somewhere around $250,000 raising each one.
  • If you want to make a furry edition to your family. It’ll cost you somewhere between 12 and 23 thousand dollars to keep a dog.

Know this: The money you spend on love is an excellent investment! Here are some of the perks you’ll get from your loved ones.

  • If you’re freaking out over an expensive engagement ring, this’ll help you feel better: People who have tied the knot are healthier! A study by the Centers for Disease Control showed that married couples live longer and have fewer cases of heart disease, back pain, headaches, and serious psychological distress. Why? Experts think it’s because people with spouses tend to take better care of themselves.
  • If you’re worried about the cost of kids, know this: Women who have kids may reduce their risk of breast cancer! According to a study published in The Lancet, each birth reduces a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by 7 percent! Guys, you’ll benefit from having kids, too. Men tend to reduce their risky behaviors once they have children – like driving fast cars, smoking and drinking to excess.
  • Here’s why it’s worth spending money on Fido: He’ll help you stay slim! One study found that dog owners in Victoria, British Columbia got almost twice as much daily exercise as people who didn’t own canines. It makes sense: If you’ve gotta walk your dog, you’re gonna get out there and exercise.

So now that you know about all the good things that come from your loved ones, doesn’t it seem like the money’s worth it?