Youíll think twice before posting another Facebook status message after reading this piece! Here are the top status messages experts say will shoot you to the top of the ďun-friendĒ list:

  • First, thanking people for wishing you a happy birthday. It may seem kind, but experts say it comes across as a last-ditch reminder for those who forgot to post a message. Instead, thank friends for their birthday posts individually or when you see them in-person.
  • Then, attention, couples! Beware of posting love letter material! Like ďBaby girl, I just left you, but Iím dreaming of the moment when I see your pretty face again.Ē Experts say if you want your partner to know youíre crazy about them, donít post a love note thatíll show up on hundreds of newsfeeds. Instead, send them a text message, email, or even an actual love letter.
  • Also, beware of posting things that make you sound like a partying pop star. Like, ďIím paying the price for this weekendís epic and baller Vegas trip.Ē Any time you post something about how exhausted you are after partying, it comes across as a desperate attempt to show people youíre cool. It's also the kind of thing that employers and potential employers will zero in on if they check your Facebook profile, so you might find yourself "unfriended" out of a job.
  • And, if you lose your cellphone, donít ask your Facebook friends to send you their numbers! Experts say itís OK to post a message that you can only be reached by email. But posting a generic message makes it seem like youíre too important to reach out to them personally. So, experts say next time you get a new phone, look at it as an opportunity to rebuild your phone book with people you truly care about! If you canít remember whom to ask, odds are you don't need to call or text them anymore.