Tips, advice and counseling for Summer

We've got summertime facts and tips to help keep you happy and healthy when the weather heats up:

First: If youíre sunburned, avoid hot showers. Research shows that hot water will just increase inflammation and worsen the pain. Try this instead: Dermatologist Dr. Adam Friedman says tea contains compounds that reduce pain and inflammation. So, brew a couple of teabags in hot water. Then let it cool to room temperature. Once it's cool enough, dab it on your burns.

Another summer fact: Whatís the best way to soothe a mosquito bite? First, remember what Mom said, and donít scratch. That's because scratching causes our immune system to release proteins that trigger more itching and swelling. Instead, grab an ice cube and press it directly on the bite. Thatíll soothe the itching, and slow the chemical reactions that make bug bites so irritating. Here's something new to try. Put an aspirin on a plate, and add a few drops of water, then rub the paste on the bug bite. It helps relieve the pain because aspirinís anti-inflammatory properties fight swelling.

So what can you do if you get water lodged in your ear? Jumping up and down and banging the side of your head with your hand wonít do much. Your ear canal is curved, so tilting your head isnít going to do much to release the water. The better move: Position your ear so itís parallel to the ground, place the tip of your index finer at the bottom of your ear opening, your thumb behind your ear and tug it open and wiggle it. Thatíll straighten the ear canal and dislodge the water.

One more summer fact: Whatís the best treatment for accidentally swallowing a watermelon seed or two? Nothing. Despite what you may have heard, watermelon seeds wonít get lodged in your stomach, and cause gastrointestinal problems. Instead, theyíll just pass through your system in a few days, like anything else you eat.