Tips, advice and counseling for marriage

According to Dr. Peter Stein, a professor of Sociology at William Patterson University, if you donít confront these serious issues when they first come up, it could spell trouble down the road. So here are the three relationship danger zones and how to handle them. 

  • Danger zone #1: A new baby. When you havenít slept for a week and thereís spit-up all over your shirt, the last thing you want to do is get close with your mate. And according to psychotherapist Jane Greer, having a baby can be the single most stressful event in a relationship. So how do you get past it? Greer says to divide the responsibilities. For example, mom gets up with the baby, dad takes care of the doctorís appointments. And for moms, try not to be a control freak. Yes, your husband will make mistakes Ė and thatís okay.
  • Danger zone #2: A pink slip. When one spouse loses a job, it often leads to anxiety and depression. And this can get especially stressful if one partner goes into denial, keeping the same spending habits. It can drive a wedge between you. So to keep this from happening, create a master plan for finding a new job together. Break it into small assignments and then work together. If you act as a team, youíll stay connected.
  • Danger zone #3: The big move. When a couple relocates, it usually ends up benefiting one partner over the other, which can result in resentment and bitterness. To prevent this, make a pact before you rent the U-Haul that you wonít blame each other for anything that happens. But you also have to remember that problems will come up. So when it happens, you have to communicate and help each other through it.