Want to be happier and healthier at work? Here’s some advice.

To start, go grab a fresh cup of coffee. There’s a reason you’ve never heard people say, “time flies when you’re at work!” But coffee can help. According to neurobiologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, just inhaling the scent of coffee can make time seem like it’s zipping by 14% faster. That’s because coffee is stimulant. It’s also associated with alertness and productivity. So it can help you focus on your tasks and not the clock.

Another way to be happier at work? Eat lunch outside. Find a tree-lined street or go to a nearby park. A professor at the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo calls it “forest bathing.” Basically, going to a park to take a break has been shown to increase immune function by reducing stress and increasing levels of your body’s natural killer cells that defend against viruses. 

And you know that a desk job is literally a killer, right? Too much sitting has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The antidote? Sign up for alerts like Work Rave, which is a program you can install to remind you to take a break every once in a while.  It’ll prompt you to get up and move around at least once every hour. And regular movement boosts your metabolism and increases your good cholesterol.

Finally, make plans after work and don’t cancel them. Regularly working 11 hours a day doubles your chances of depression. So make plans for dinner or a movie with friends – and stick to it. Tell your boss it’s doctor’s orders.