We get so much great mail everyday! We love to hear from you, but unfortunately John can't read it all on the air. So, we've created this page to get it where you can see it. If you'd like to write to John, please visit our contact page.

Hey John. I listen to your show everyday and I love it. I am a newspaper carrier so I am out late night/early morning and it is good to have something worth listening to on at that time of the day. I use your intelligence for life all the time and donít know what I would do if I didnít have your show to keep me on the up and up. Thanks for a great radio show; you and your staff are awesome. Donít stop doing what you guys are doing. Thanks again.


John: Joy to You! I want to acknowledge you for the difference you are making in the world. It is moving and inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for who you are and the stand you have made to help people be better, be informed and create community. You are raising the consciousness of humanity in a profound way. Deep appreciation, gratitude and respect for what you are doing.


Dear John - I love your show. It is full of great and helpful information. Although I am finding it a little harder now to win an argument with our son who is 14. He now quotes to me..."but mom, according to John Tesh or John Tesh says"... Who knew he was listening so closely to the radio in the car. I am thrilled that he is learning something new everyday from your show. Keep up the great work!!!


Hello, Mr. Tesh. I am an English teacher in Taipei, Taiwan, and I work with adults who wish to improve their English conversation ability. I have to find topics that will be interesting enough to keep them intrigued and willing to talk for an hour and a half each night. After discovering your site on the Internet, I've used the Radio Show online articles for topics many times. This message is just to thank you for providing such a great variety of constantly updated material. Thank you and thanks to your research team.


It is so good to be able to plug in literally, again, to your site on my own computer at home and listen in to your daily updates. I find Gib's sense of humor as comical as ever. He just has a away to make one smile & chuckle. I was very pleased to be able to finally hear a cut from one of your Big Band picks, in Concert. Good Stuff and I am enjoying being able to plug into your Gigs, online. By the way, I have been sending new listeners your way on a regular basis. There are so many people looking for encouragement and information. It really is about encouraging one another daily. Thanks for being their friends.


I would like to tell you how your "intelligence for your life" series is improving my high school students' thinking, reading, and writing. I have several teenage students who have minimal attention spans, apathy, and just a lack of desire to learn anything. I have discovered that your topics on teenagers, technology, and family have sparked much interest in my students as they are now intrigued to learn more and offer their own perspectives on the subjects you talk about. The kids are reading, thinking, sharing opinions, researching, and offering ideas to ameliorate what they see is the key problem. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Vega

We wish to thank you for all your daily tips and especially for your advice today concerning the potential to acquire illnesses from your pets. We as a family have all just suffered through a long term flu-like illness that we now realize may have quite possibly been the result of personal interactions with our household pets. We, as part of our normal daily routine, take long walks with our dogs through our neighborhood. We will now pay particular attention to cleaning their feet after returning home. Thanks again for all you and your staff do.

Paul and Patricia

Greetings John. First I'd like to tell you how much a part of my family's Christmas, your music has been. For the past twenty years before my two boys would wake up on Christmas morning I'd turn on all our Christmas lights, light our candles and build a fire in our fire place. I'd also put CDs in the player; your Christmas CDs have always been a part of that ritual. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the beauty they have provided.


My name is Edwin and I listen to you in Mexico. I live very close to El Paso, Texas, cruising the border, and we are available to listen your show on 93.1 Kiss FM. That's how I know you. I'm a Doctor in Mexico and I'd like to congratulate you for your show. It's very instructive and objective, and I recommend to my patients to listen to you and your fine music. It's a real place to listen to you when I'm stressed or tired, sad or happy, or simply just to hear a friend giving me advice on how to improve my life and to be more intelligent. That's why I see you as a really good friend that is there when I need a support. Thank you and God bless you!


My name is Sophia and I listen to your show as much as a can since my brother and sister listen to a different radio station. As I was doing my homework one night I remembered you saying about writing out and typing out to study. So I used it on a test for biology, since my teacher told us a day ahead of time. So, on that same night I used the write and type study method, and when I got my test back a day later I got 100%! I was so happy, that I'm using that method to study for my tests in the future.


I just wanted to tell you that I listen to your radio show every night on my way to work. I work third shift in a hospital and don't always look forward to the night ahead, but listening to your show is one little treat that I savor before work. I particularly love "random intelligence" because I just never know what to expect! Thanks for giving me some sanity before my night of insanity!


I found you by accident one evening and now you keep me company every evening whether I am doing crafts, reading, or playing on my computer. I love your show and the tips you so generously share with your audience. I feel like you are talking directly to me and that is an asset you are gifted with. Plus, I love the music.

Ruth Ann

I have a 16 year old son who has a form of autism. His name is Charles and he just loves your radio show. He listens to it every Sunday morning. I have to plan our entire day around the radio show. Your radio show means something to him. He wanted me to tell you.


Greetings from Mexico City. I want you to know that I listen to your show everyday online, and for me it is a way to learn and understand English. At school I talk to my friends about the stuff you teach, and they say "How do you know that?" John Tesh is the answer. I really learn a lot from you. I'm still learning English. Don't get upset, but when you talk on your show I try to repeat every single word you say so I can speak better English. Keep the good stuff coming. I will always be listening. You should do an INTELLIGENCE FOR YOUR LIFE in Spanish a.k.a. INTELIGENCIA PARA TU VIDA.


Seriously, I love every minute of your show. I just wanted to send some energy your way to say keep it up. I started listening to you when I was 17. I'm 25 now and speak and teach about leadership and success to college students, and you've been a phenomenal mentor on the journey helping to shape where I am today. Thank you for you!


Thanks for the great articles you provide on your site. I am a business teacher and I am always looking for articles that can help my students learn more than what is in a text book. I look for current information that will help them in their lives and in good decision making when it comes to their future. I listen to your show after school while I am working on school work. I love your tidbits of information between songs. When I hear something I think I can use I look it up on your site, read it, print it, and work up an assignment with it. I like giving readings that are current, informative and interesting! Thanks John!!


I listen to your radio program while taking my kids to and from school and I must say that every time your voice comes on, the radio gets turned up louder. I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave about hospital bills. I was recently laid off from my job in May and had a visit to the ER during the summer. With me having no insurance the bills were overwhelming. So I took your advice and called the billing office of each bill and asked for a 20% discount. I just explained to them that they would not have to go through any hassle with insurance companies and they would be paid in cash. All of them agreed and I was able to pay them all off with the exception of one. That one gave me a discount and arranged a payment plan. I just figured the most they could say was no. Thanks to you I was able to save close to $1,000.00. Thank you for your advice and keep up the good work.


I just want to share with you what a pleasure it is listening to you after a long day of work. I have been working for the last 14 yrs for a large telecommunications company in the collections department. My day is filled with a lot of negativity and stress. When I leave work, I turn on your show and relax for my hour drive home. Your insight, positiveness and words of wisdom pick me back up and keep me moving forward to the next day. Thank you and keep up the great work.


I am a private duty nurse and I care for a dear man with ALS. As I put him to bed at night, we listen to your show together. The music is calming and the tips create conversation for us. We both enjoy your wonderful choice of music! Thank You.


I just wanted to drop you a short note and let you know that for a year or so I've listened to your advice on getting a new job and always thought to myself that I did not need that information because I was not brave enough to try a new job. However, after hearing your broadcasts and finally feeling like that is something I might be able to do, I applied for a new job after 15 years. I went to your web site and brushed up on everything that I had learned over the air waves and I got the job!!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the information and encouragement that you give each day. Even though you think you might never need it, you just never know! Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Grinning from ear to ear.


I just wanted to say Thank You. I was unemployed for six months and was having no luck finding a job. One night back in June while heading home you said the trucking industry was hiring. It never even crossed my mind before. That night I went on-line and found a site , DriverSolutions.com; it was perfect for someone like me (having no money that is). They got me into a driving school and set me up in a hotel near the school. They also hooked me up with a company to drive for. The school normally cost $6,000 but they paid $4,000 and I have $45 a week taken out of my paycheck to pay the other $2,000. I have now been on the road for four months now and I'm very happy to be working. So once again I wanna say Thank You. I'm not sure I would have have gotten where I am now without the little nudge from you.


I just wanted to say that I love listening to your show. I listen to you at work every night. I talk about you and what you've said in your show all the time. My husband just recently started listening to you, and he also loves the show. My husband and I both work at the same place and every night we drive home and talk about what we learned that day, or something new we will try to use in our everyday life. Sometimes I stop working and will write things down, so I wont forget it. Oh, P. S. I also listen to your commercials, and now I want to buy a GM product, so I can have OnStar!!! Thank you so much.


I'm a trucker that gets your show every night at 92.9 Lite Rock. I really appreciate all the intelligent information that you freely give out during your show. It makes me challenge myself to be a better person, or just to improve on some things that I thought I was doing ok on. Great work John. You are making a difference in the world, one person at a time. Thanks.


Hi john. Just writing to let you know how much I have learned since I started to listen to your show about a year ago. Since I have been in Canada it is the only thing that keeps me and my boyfriend going. We appreciate all the knowledge and research that you make available for us. We really do appreciate it.

From your dedicated Jamaican listeners,

Khalilah & Gary

The info that you give has brought us closer together through the gift of better conversation! We use the intelligence when we ride in the car together; when we cook together we use those great tips (gotta love those sweet potatoes!), and all in all - understand each other when we are frustrated, and work things out better! A lot of it is us growing together, but a good percentage is the advice that you give. Thanks again for all the wisdom, and keeping it real!

Jay & Liz

Hey John. I have been listening to your show since middle school, and now that I am a junior in high school I can't imagine listening to any program but yours. You have gotten me through so much, and filled my head with random facts that impress my friends! :) Thanks for making it so easy to love listening to you! I heard it on the John Tesh Radio Show!!


I just wanted to tell you I enjoy your show, and I wanted to say thank you very much. Listening to your intelligence for your life gave me the courage to go back to school; I am currently taking my GED tests. I have passed all but two, and I have enrolled in a motorcycle mechanics course. Thanks again, John, and keep up the good work.


I just wanted to say thanks. I am a plant supervisor at a building factory. We have a small radio in our quality lab and we listen to your show every night. You would think the pick for a bunch of rough and tough construction workers would be some freedom rock, but surprisingly enough when your show comes on, everybody tunes in! We all learn something, and the music is a nice change of pace from the regular. Itís not uncommon for one of us to pick up an air hose and sing along into it; itís really a sight! Thanks again. Your show really keeps us going.


I have been listening to your show for a few years now and I just wanted to share a story with you. First, I would like to say I love the advice and information you give. I always feel like I have a friend in the car with me on the way to school or work. Recently I was hospitalized; the doctors are unsure what is wrong. I have been hospitalized a few times over the last year, still with no answers really. Yet, the reason I was writing was to tell you that while I was in the hospital I went through a host of tests and spent many days in the bed waiting for answers. The whole time you were there. It felt comforting to listen to you. Your voice was very soothing. The most significant experience was when I was getting a CT scan. In that closed-in machine it was very scary and uncomfortable, but the nurses were kind enough to turn on the radio. I put on the headphones and closed my eyes. Your voice helped me through the very scary situation I was in. I thank you for being there, with all the great advice and soothing friendship that I get, even through the radio.


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely awesome your show is! I have never really benefited from listening to a radio station until I came across your show. Not only is the music perfect for my taste, but it satisfies my indescribable desire to learn new things. It is now the only station I listen to, and it always brightens my day, significantly. I love how you add various little things that we can do to help the ones around us. We definitely need more generosity in this world and your show helps spread that. So thank you so much for brining some humanity back to society.


What a breath of fresh air your show is. I listen to the John Tesh show, and I listen to it especially during September through December when I am making gingerbread houses. I usually keep crazy hours, and find that your show is the best to listen to, and keeps me company during those late hours when I am creating. I wanted to thank you for keeping me company for the last few years (and for this upcoming year). Thank you for your caring spirit; it shows in everything you do!


We love your show. My husband and I just became "snowbirds" and we travel from Long Island to Florida. On the way, we try to locate your show and we go bonkers when we finally stumble upon it. I finally started writing down the radio stations and which state we are in. I wish there was a better way, but we have fun trying to locate you. It makes our trip so much more bearable!!!! Keep up your "Intelligence for Life." Love it.


I would like to thank you for your advice on interview tips and resume writing. I put your advice to work and got an interview for a career as a car salesmen. Then, I got a second one, and with your tips I think I had a little advantage. I have never worked in sales before as I was a driller on the oil rigs, so it is a big change for me. I would like to thank you, and say that my wife and I enjoy your show and use your advice to give us a new start at a promising career. Thank you.


I am on my second tour here in Iraq. It made my day when I discovered that I can still listen to your radio show. I listened to your show as much as I could while back home, and now that I can still listen to you, it brings home that much closer. Thanks again.


Thank you John for all of the tips and info that you share with us. I purchased a small notebook that I can carry with me, so that wherever I am when I hear your show, I can write down the things that I want to remember that you said. I am so glad that you are doing this for all of us. Thanks again!


Hi John! I just want to let you know that listening to your show is a nice little getaway for me! I have a VERY busy life, and when I listen to your show it feels like I'm listening to someone I've known for years! I am 30 years old, married, have two wonderful kids, go to college full time, and hold down a full time job! Turning your show on every night at 7:00 lets my mind relax, and gives me the nice little escape I need to gear up for the next round of challenges! Thank you and keep it up! I don't know what I'd do without it!


I am the "House Mom" at Saint Child, a non-profit Christian maternity home in Hillsboro, Oregon. We typically have up to five unsupported young women between the ages of 13-24 residing with us at any given time. We always listen to your show while preparing the family meal. It's amazing what an "ice breaker" some tidbit of Random Intelligence is when it comes to opening up a discussion with a new girl, who may be feeling like an outsider upon joining our household. Thank you for being the warm familiar voice that joins us each and every evening.


Great show. Three generations of my family listen to you: My sister in Illinois, my daughter in Ohio, and my family in RVC, NYC, Queens, and Malverne. Then we call each other to discuss what was on the show. Our ages span 72 years with the oldest being 80 and the youngest being 8. Everyone finds something in the show to talk about, and we all say, "Did you hear what John said?" as if you were one of us. Your program has been instrumental in starting some great conversations that are not just beneficial, but also necessary to keep us all healthy and safe. We've gotten so much great info. Thanks for having a program that is family oriented that we can all enjoy, and really look forward to listening to. Wonderful job.


A $100 envelope was given to me at the John Tesh concert at Fairfield University. He said to go out and see if I could make it grow into a larger amount and give it to charity. On the way home from the concert, I stopped at a local restaurant and asked if they would help me with a benefit to raise money for a woman in my town who lost her home in the April 2007 nor'easter. Habitat for Humanity is building her a new home, but she needs more funding. He said, "Yes." He will provide appetizers, beverages and a cash bar. He is not charging me anything, so the 200 tickets that I will sell at $15 will be all profit! So.....the $100 I got from John Tesh will be worth $3,000, and that is before the silent auction that I am planning to have! We will also have live music at the benefit which will be on Sunday, October 4th from 2-5 p.m. It's amazing! I can't believe I am doing this! It is all just falling into place. In two days I got over 20 items donated for the silent auction, and I have friends telling me that they want to help me get more donations and will help at the event! Thanks J.


John, I had to email. I have listened to your radio show for quite some time (almost every night), and I am truly inspired. I work as a guidance counselor with high school students and see the challenges, sadness and negativity that seem to be the focus of our world. After work I listen to your show, get energized and inspired so that I can be an inspiration to my students each day. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, calming voice and charismatic personality. There are not too many people that I am interested in meeting in this world, but you are one of them. Hopefully, someday, I get to attend one of your concerts.

A favorite fan,


Last year I wrote to you after watching your DVD, and what a profound impact it made on my life. I am now completely walking (I have multiple sclerosis) and I am happy to say that I am not in a wheelchair as I was when I last wrote to you. My 7 year old daughter and I, along with my sister-in-law will be seeing you tomorrow night here on Long Island. Victoria is so excited and has told all of her friends. She feels that you enabled me to start walking. The work you do is amazing. Thank you for providing "Intelligence" in this day when this country is desperately in need of it! Many thanks! Keep up the great work!

Paige and Victoria

Hi John! I have always enjoyed seeing you in the media and hearing your music. I just stumbled across your radio show online, and it has become a new favorite! God bless you for all your good efforts and your clean, family-friendly work. It is a breath of fresh air!


John: I just wanted to tell you how much I love your show. I listen every night while I am out delivering a local newspaper out of Philadelphia. I love all the advice that you dish out for our lives. I even get to use some of it. I know my remarks mirror those of other listeners, but I want to let you know to keep up the great work. The music keeps me going and awake while delivering the papers.


I want to thank you John for your inspiring show full of practical and intelligent advice. I look forward to listening to you each night, as it helps me to take steps towards improving my life - and I've been sharing the advice with my loved ones who have tried some of your advice and are now listeners of your show as well. Thanks so much.


Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoy your show. A bunch of us in the office listens to your show on our drive to work in the mornings and then we all discuss it throughout the day. Thanks for having a show that is a breath of fresh air instead of being like most of the shows today. Thanks for being there showing kindness to all.


I just wanted to say thank you for blessing my sister and I with your shared advice. We live in different states, but are both growing closer and stronger with our shared connection to you and your words of wisdom each day. Thanks again John. Bless you and your show.


I listen to you pretty much every morning and just wanted to tell you that it is just wonderful listening to you. Thanks to you and your staff for all the helpful information! I refer to your helpful tips all the time and recently I found out that my fiance now listens too. Thanks again.


I listen to you on The River 102.3 as do my children. My daughter has taken so much of your intelligence for life to heart. She has quoted you to me several times about health issues, eating, driving, you name it. We are very big fans. Your wholesome and wise entertainment in not only an encouragement to the young and old, but is a forum of informative information that makes our lives better. God Bless you and your team and your family.


Dear Mr. Tesh, I think you are so smart and helpful with your tips. I am 10 and love your show. Whenever I hear something that sounds interesting, I tell my mom. Also, I got your book as a gift from Santa and it is really good. I almost made a contract with my dad because of the "make a contract with your child" part. You are (in my opinion) the smartest guy on earth. Thanks a bunch.


I just wanted you to know that I listen to your show almost every day and that your advice has helped me very much. Especially after my car accident on Dec. 27th 2007. I was in the hospital for 4 12 months and got very depressed, but I would listen to you and it helped me a lot. It gave me strength and faith to help myself through everything. Thank you so much.


Hi John,

I really, really love your inspirational radio show. The bits of information are easy to remember, useful and very helpful. I find myself shutting off the TV and running to the radio just to listen to you! I love your voice and the songs you are playing. Keep up the great job. I have (and will continue) to tell all my friends. You are like a breath of fresh air.



I love your show. I listen to you every night on my drive to work. I work the grave yard shift for a group home for developmentally disabled individuals...The inspiration that you give me on your show helps me to be a better person to all those around me. My mom has been ill for sometime now and some of the inspiration you give on family helps me to see what a wonderful family I have and am lucky to have. Thanks John. You're great.


I just want to say THANK YOU for writing your book. I have read it twice now and I have implemented several of the ideas into my life since then. Believe it or not, I can see different parts of my life changing for the better, but more importantly several of my friends have commented that there is something different about me lately. I have listened to your radio show for several years and my only complaint is that we only get 2 hours a week of your show on the local station. I want more!! I thank you for all that you do.

Bless you John. David L.

I just would like to take the time to thank you for the advice you gave on job interview tips. I recently applied for a position that I was unsure of getting since I am young and not as experienced as others. But listening to your show gave me enough courage to apply for my dream job. I went into my interview with the advice from your show. Needless to say I landed the job and I have already gotten a performance raise in the second month I have been at my new job. Thank you so much for the tips. Keep up the great work and GOD BLESS.


Hi John.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great show! We listen to your show via streaming audio, in Johannesburg South Africa. We are nurses working the night-shift in the accident and emergency unit and love listening to your show whenever we get a chance!

Greetings from Yvette, Diane, Norma and Peter.

Dear John,

My name is Chuck, Over the last 8 months I have been going through a long drawn out separation and divorce. It has been devastating not being able to see my children everyday. I have a long lonely hour-long drive to work each morning, I spent many many of these hours crying until I discovered your radio show. Your comments and your advice and the sound of your voice makes me feel like an old friend is riding along with me. Thank you so much. I'm tearing up just writing this letter. Thanks again John.

Respectfully Chuck


I just wanted to let you know I love listening to your show. Everything you say makes a lot of sense to me and usually helps me in my everyday life! I usually flip through the stations at work, because I'm not a big lite rock fan, but when I know your show will be on I stick with Lite 99.9! I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great show and keeping me interested (and awake) at work!


Hey John:

This is Hemanth Kumar writing to you from Germantown, Maryland. I have to tell you that I am so happy to hear you again in Maryland. I have lived in Alabama for almost 7 years and started listening to your radio show around two years ago day after day. I was simply of the opinion that the John Tesh Radio Show is local to Alabama. I honestly used to wonder how it would be not to listen to your show once I move out of Alabama. I have recently moved out of Alabama to Maryland.Only a few days ago I heard your voice on the radio and was wondering if it was you. I continued hearing your show for a few minutes 'til I could confirm that it is your show. Man I was so HAPPPPPY to hear your show again. On visiting your website I am just getting to know that you are nothing less than a world phenomenon. Thanks a ton for the intelligence that you give out every day, and keep up the good work. May God bless you and your family.



I listen to you almost every evening (and try to stay tuned all night!). Your insights, wisdom, and information is just like having a personal resource guru at your fingertips. To my knowledge, there has never been such an informational radio program in my area, until you came along. Your work is incredible. I use many of your 'insights' and wisdom, every day. Keep up the fantastic work! May the John Tesh Radio Show live forever.


Hi John,

I have been a great fan of yours for quite a while. I can't even start the day without listening to you in the morning. I listen to you every morning when I'm getting ready for work, and listen to you on the way into work. You have a unique outlook on life and what you can do in it, that makes a difference to so many. You are the brightest part of my day! I can't imagine a day without the JOHN TESH (RADIO SHOW).... You have made an absolute difference in my life. You have great show. Don't ever change a thing. Your greatest fan from Roanoke, Virginia.



I really enjoy listening to you in the car on my way to work on the night shift at a local nursing home. Your information has helped me in my personal life so much. As a nurse I can relate to your many medical tips. Sometimes you remind me of things I learned long ago but forgot to apply it to myself. Keep up the information. We all need a voice in our head that says they care. A fan.


Dear John,

Thank you so much for your radio show. I am a new listener to the show. Finally!!! A radio show that feeds our mind, body & soul! The information that you provide to your listeners is fantastic!!! Not only is it educational, It is very interesting, funny and informative. Your outlook on life and its challenges is contagious. I love that you are so upbeat and positive. We need more people like you in the world! I think you are doing a great Job! Many Thanks from your Menifee California Listener!!!


Hi John!

I love your show. I listen to it every night before I head to bed. All the information that you are sharing is great! It has helped me through all my stressful times. Being a teenage girl there is a lot that I have to deal with and your show is just the way that I deal with it. I learn a lot more here than at school! Keep the interesting facts and great advice coming. I'll be there listening!



I have been trying to think of how to tell you what a great gift you are to the world.. I guess all I can say it THANK YOU GOD... for such a beautiful, caring, loving person.. Keep up the beautiful work. Love your show so much.

Thank You!


Hey John,

I found your show on our local station and listen to it almost every night. My husband is gone most evenings so my time is filled with evening chores after I come home from work. Your show has inspired me in so many ways. Whoever said "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" doesn't listen to your insightful information, wonderful sense of humor, surprising facts and food for thought. I'm 58 and enjoy learning new things. Please keep them coming. Love the show.


I am 11 and I love your show! I told my friends about you and they love it to! Everyday we talk about what we heard that night. Keep up the good work.