Happy couples arenít magically happy, they share similar habits that make love last. Hereís what experts say are the traits of happy couples.


         They laugh together. A University of Denver study found that couples who laugh together are the happiest. And there are a few reasons for that. One is biological: laughter makes the body secrete feel-good endorphins. Another reason couples that laugh together, stay together? Because they have a shared sense of humor Ė and can roll with the punches together.


         Happy couples also use pet names. A study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that the more pet names a couple has for each another, the higher their level of satisfaction. Thatís because pet names help you feel bonded. Itís a sign of intimacy, especially if you canít share the names with others.


         Finally, happy couples are aware of, and appreciate, day-to-day kindnesses. Like, when he takes the dog out on a rainy morning so your hair doesnít frizz. Or she picks up your favorite razors at the store, because she noticed you were out. When we tell our partner how much we appreciate them, it has a ripple effect. Itís contagious. And the more we show appreciation, the more appreciation weíll get in return.