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Television/Video/Specialty Sales

Jeff McCarthy
Chief Revenue Officer

USA Radio Advertisers

Darrin Klayma
(212) 967-2888

Canadian Radio Advertisers

Lesley Soldatr
Vice President & General Manager
Orbyt Mediar
(416) 934-4462

Betsy Chase
VP of Programming & Exec. Producer
The TeshMedia Group
(818) 385-3825

Gib Gerard
Web Producer

Radio Syndication

JScott Meyers
VP of Entertainment & Exec. Producer
The TeshMedia Group
(888) 548-8637 or (516) 829-0964

TV Syndication

Cassie M. Yde
The Television Syndication Company (TVS)
(407) 788-6407

Exclusive Booking Agents

California 310-550-4000
NYC 212-556-5600

Tour info & Speaking Engagements

Scott Meyers
(888) 548-8637

Lesley Burbridge
Senior Vice President
Rogers & Cowan
(310) 854-8170

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Call: 1 (877) 801-4995

Order by Mail
Send a check or money order in the amount of the product you're ordering plus $5.95 s&h ($7.95 for 4 or more items) made out to:
Garden City Music
PO Box 6010-721
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413