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  • Text mistakes that drive people crazy, depressed dogs, the top 3 things that make your partner happy.

    Connie Sellecca, John Tesh and Gib Gerard discuss the possible reasons your dog may be unhappy. Also, they talk about the most annoying text habits and the things you can do to help keep a harmonious relationship.
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  • 3 Men You Should Stop Dating. Get a Raise with the Right Laugh.

    Connie Sellecca, John Tesh and Gib Gerard discuss the latest early warning signs for your dating life and how a full belly laugh can not only get you a second date but can also get you a raise at work.
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  • Snoring, Flailing Legs and Eating in Front of a Mirror

    Connie, John and Gib talk about the latest weight loss intelligence: Eating on smaller plates and eating in front of a mirror. Also, what will happen when we are allowed to make phone calls at 30,000 feet. And the three sleep behaviors that will break up a relationship.
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  • Power of the Female Brain, Clean Plate Club

    John, Connie and Gib discuss the latest research on the superior neural activity inside the female brain.
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  • Juicing, Bad Breath and Sleep

    John Tesh, Connie Sellecca and Gib Gerard discuss the experts' opinions on juice fasting, bad breath and getting a good night's sleep.
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