Your work life can improve your marriage. Simply use the same skills that got you promoted at work and adapt them to make yourself a better wife or husband. Here are business-based strategies that’ll improve your marriage, courtesy of Rodale Publications.

  • See both sides. Think about the last fight you had with your spouse. Did you roll your eyes and mutter under your breath as they complained about the pile of dirty dishes? Now ask yourself this: “If my spouse was a work client, would I have acted the same way?” Probably not. Unless you wanted to lose their business. So the next time you’re about to roll your eyes at your sweetheart, think of how you’d handle the situation if you were dealing with a co-worker or a client. You’d probably calmly work towards a solution.
  • Tend to your paperwork. Even if you love your job, there will be tasks you don’t enjoy doing – like filing. Well, the same goes for your relationship. You love your spouse to death, but there are tasks you don’t enjoy doing –like watching romantic comedies or attending a monster truck rally. Unlike your job, there’s no HR person in your marriage who’s making sure you’re completing these tasks. That means YOU need to make sure you’re meeting your quota. So the next time you pass on date night to watch a playoff game – or get your nails done – remember this: That date night was just added to the growing stack of date nights on your metaphorical desk. Don’t let ‘em pile up!
  • Set goals. At work, you set goals for yourself – like “I want to be promoted within six months.” To use this idea in your marriage: Set goals with your spouse – like “Let’s save enough money to take a European vacation in two years.” That creates a sense of teamwork in your relationship, and you’ll enjoy the feeling of making progress together. Just don’t bore your spouse with a Power Point presentation on how you’re going to achieve your goals.