The International Toy Fair just wrapped up in New York City and here's what hot for the holiday season 2004.

  • Stink Blasters. These are squeezable dolls that emit odors ranging from rotten eggs to sweaty socks. Gross? Yes. Profitable? The toy stores are betting on it. They think Stink Blasters will be huge. There will be 22 Stink Blasters to choose from with names like Dog Breath Danny and Matty Manure. Each will cost about $5 bucks.
  • Another hot item the latest Elmo doll from Sesame Street. Exactly what Elmo will be doing is still under wraps, but expect some sort of boogie-ing.
  • For the girls, Dora the Explorer's Talking Dollhouse will be HUGE! Dora sold $1 billion dollars worth of product last year, this year they think they'll sell even more. And with Dora's new dollhouse selling for $50 bucks, they're probably right.
  • Movie Tie-ins will also be big when the holidays roll around again. Toy retailers are predicting big business from products tied in to "Spiderman 2", "Shrek 2", and the SpongeBob Square Pants movie that comes out in November. But one hot item will be the Triple Action Web Blaster from Spiderman 2 which shoots web fluid and foam darts.

And one last toy category that's going to rake in the big bucks: Retro toys. The toy industry did really well with nostalgic toys this Christmas when they rolled out a new version of Strawberry Shortcake. So following in her footsteps will be Rainbow Brite. Remember her from 1980? Marketers say retro toys are the best bet because they not only appeal to kids, who think they're new and cool, they appeal to parents too because they remember playing with these toys when they were young.