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If you’re trying to earn extra money at home, you can only hold somany garage sales and eBay auctions. Want some other ways to bring in some extra cash? Then jump on the cyberspace express! The Internet is packed with money-making opportunities that pay anywhere from $5 to $20 an hour or more! Know this: Some of the offers out there are SCAMS! Remember: Legitimate work-at-home offers never charge you a fee to sign up, or require you to buy something before you can start. They also won’t make exaggerated claims about how much you can earn. So, here are a few legit places to start, vetted by the experts at Woman’s World magazine:

  • You can earn cash simply by answering questions. Basically, completing Internet surveys that evaluate products, services and advertising campaigns for various companies. Check out the website TamingtheBeast.net, which updates their list of available surveys daily.
  • Product testing! Companies pay to get people’s opinions on various products from shampoo to cleaning supplies. Basically, how they rate and how they could be improved. The website is ContractTesting.com.
  • You can also become a phone rep. Someone whotakes orders and answers questions about merchandise for retailers and catalog companies. You can set your own hours, but you also need to be a self-starter with a high-speed internet connection and a quiet place to work. Check out ACDDirect.com.
  • Be a homework helper! If you’ve got a knack for math or English, you can become an online tutor, and help struggling students prepare for tests or get through homework assignments. For example, at Tutor.com, you simply register and create a profile of your skills. Once you’re on the tutor roster, parents and students can contact you.
  • You can cash in on your office skills. You can work at home as an “off-site assistant” typing documents, or handling billing and travel arrangements just by using your home phone and computer.

Ways to Make Cash from Home:

Who couldn’t use a little more money. Here are a few ways to make cash from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of Woman’s Day magazine.

  • Become a customer service representative. Many companies, such as the clothing company J. Crew and 1-800-FLOWERS outsource customer service operations to companies who hire people to work from home. For example, when you call 1-800-FLOWERS, you might be speaking with Rebecca Dooley, a retired police officer employed by Alpine Access – a major call center service. When you dialed the number, your call was automatically routed to her office in her spare bedroom in Colorado. Alpine Access currently employs more than 7,500 work-at-home agents, who make between $9 and $20 an hour, with incentives, bonuses, and even benefits and a 401K plan in some cases. You can learn more at AlpineAccess.com.
  • Be an online guide. Do your friends look to you for advice on things you’re interested in, like making killer cheesecake? If you have an area of expertise, and good writing skills, consider becoming an online expert guide to make extra money! For example, About.com guides write articles or reviews and earn no less than $725 a month. Some even rake in 6-figures! Head on over to ‘BeAGuide.About.com’ to see which areas of expertise are still open.
  • Are you a fan of the show Law & Order? You can make money as an online juror! Companies will pay you to sit on mock juries to give attorneys and other jury consultants feedback on current cases. Think of it as a focus group. The cases are real, but your verdict won’t do more than give those involved an idea of how things might go. You can earn up to $50 for your input! Just head on over to EJury.com, or OnlineVerdict.com for more information.

Do You Want an 'At-Home' Job?

What kind of commute do you have? An hour? Twenty minutes? How’d you like a job with a 30 second commute? If you work at home, it could happen. There are a lot of ads for work-at-home opportunities. A lot of them are scams – but a few are on the level, especially for customer-service reps and executive assistants.

According to Fortune magazine, there are 112,000 home-based phone reps in the U.S. alone, and that number is expected to triple in the next three years. More than 80% of them have four-year college degrees and an average of 17 years work experience. They’re in it mainly for the chance to set their own hours and avoid commuting, and can earn up to $15 an hour. Companies have also discovered that work-at-home employees save them enormous amounts of money, because they don’t have to provide them with pricey office space.

At-home workers include catalog reps for retailers like J. Crew and 1-800-Flowers as well as virtual office assistants who answer emails and use high-tech phone features - like call forwarding and audio-conferencing - to man the switchboard and schedule appointments from a distance. If an at-home job sounds right up your alley, here’s what you need:

  • You must have a computer, high speed Internet access, a land-line telephone to handle incoming calls, and a quiet workspace. That means no screaming kids, barking dogs, or TV on in the background.
  • You need to be a self-starter. Someone motivated to work without a manager looking over your shoulder.
  • Punctuality is crucial. If you don’t log in at a specific time, the phones don’t get covered – and there’s a line of unhappy customers on hold.

You can check out work-at-home opportunities at several websites, including StaffCentrix.com and AlpineAccess.com.

Check Out These Work-at-Home Opportunities:

Here are more work-at-home opportunities, courtesy of ABC News:

  • There’s medical transcription. Basically, you take a doctor’s recorded reports and turn them into electronic patient files. The demand is increasing, because computer files allow easier storage, and let doctors access medical history, diagnosis, and treatment records from anywhere. To transcribe from home, you’ll need a PC and high-speed Internet access. But you also need training in medical terminology – which you can do online or at your local community college. After that, you can make about $40-thousand bucks a year. Some of the biggest medical transcription companies include Focus Infomatics, MedQuist, and Spheris. And we’ll post some links for you.
  • Medical coding. You basically translate the names of diseases, ailments and treatments into numerical codes that insurance companies will accept. Without the proper codes, the doctor doesn’t get paid.You have to be just as accurate as a medical transcriptionist, and know general medical terminology and pharmacology. But you’ve got codebooks and software to help you out. So, what can a well-trained medical coding specialist earn at home? About $35-thousand bucks a year.
  • What about envelope stuffing? Since it’s the most popular work-from-home opportunity advertised on the Internet, ABC News bought “starter kits” from 10 different Web sites at $30 bucks a pop. The claims? You can earn $15-hundred dollars a week just stuffing envelopes. The reality? Every single offer is a scam – so don’t fall for one!

If you’d like more information about genuine medical coding or medical transcription work-at-home jobs, look under “Work From Home”.

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