Well, that's one reason, but according to Body and Soul magazine, there are 4 OTHER main reasons why we dream at night.

  1. Basic need. Dreaming is a way of thinking without the filter. Because of this, our dreams often show us things we literally need.
  2. Rehearsal. In our dreams, we often test out different solutions to our problems. It's a great place to practice new behaviors without second-guessing ourselves.
  3. Personality insight. Over time, we become too attached to some of our personality traits and forget about others. Dreams allow is to get back in touch with our "whole self."

And the last reason why we dream, according to Body & Soul magazine: Metaphor. Some dreams may not spell out what's troubling us, but they can offer clues. For example, if you keep dreaming that you've been fired from your job, you may have the urge to "watch your back" at work. This could mean you need to watch out for something in real life.
So on that note, here's a quick guide to figuring out what your dream means--

  1. Look for literal meaning.
  2. Write down the emotions you felt in your dream. Does it match something you're going through?
  3. Examine people, places and things in your dream and decide what they remind you of.
  4. And finally, look for puns. For example, if you dream about a room full of snakes and you're afraid to put your foot down on the ground, figure out what you're afraid to "put your foot down" about in real life.

The experts say if you can figure out what your dreams are telling you, you'll be able to make some huge improvements in your life.