More and more pet owners are turning to custom-built wheelchairs. Devices that restore mobility to pets whose legs, hips or backs don't work. Their goal: To repay their furry friend's unconditional love, and do whatever it takes to help them live normally, and improve their quality of life. Eddie and Leslie Grinnell founded the pet wheelchair company Eddie's Wheels, which they started when their 10-year-old Doberman, Buddha, lost the use of her rear legs because of spinal problems. They created a cart with two wheels, a chest strap, and a padded saddle that supports the animal's midsection and designed it so dogs can explore the woods, wade in rivers, and play with other dogs. It comes with stirrups to elevate and protect crippled feet, detachable training wheels - and even floaties, so dogs can swim. The carts start at around $250. So far, they've made wheelchairs for every size of dog, from a Dachshund to a 220-pound St. Bernard. They've also provided carts for cats, goats, sheep, rabbits, ferrets and a possum. They even keep a supply of tiny wheels on hand for gerbils and hamsters. Leslie Grinnell - co-founder of Eddie's Wheels - says that dogs are very accepting of the technology. When they're put in the cart, they're like, "Oh, I'm back to normal. Now I can go where I want." There was an 8-year-old German Shepherd who painfully hobbled around trying to play with other dogs, and was very depressed. When he tried his new cart for the first time, the dog whimpered at the door to go outside, and happily wheeled his way down the walkway and around the parking lot. The delighted owners said it was like having their younger dog back. If you'd like more information about custom pet wheelchairs, the website is