And the weird part is the name of the tea--Some call it Al-Qaeda, others call it Bin Laden, and some call it B52 - as in the bombers.
Why? The tea is supposed to have explosive and amazingly restorative properties. We read about this on BBC News .com.
It's a local, non-alcoholic brew, but it's become really popular at bars. When the tea is boiled to a certain level, it sparkles, fizzes and gives explosive-like rumbling sounds when you open the pot.
Now, the tea isn't really new it used to be called "tresor de la mer" or sea treasure, but the new name is getting more people to drink it. It's made from a local herb called kainkaliba, sweet syrup, 20 regular tea bags, sugar and honey and it sits to ferment for 8 days before being boiled and served. People are saying the tea is keeping their digestive systems in order, making them feel more energized, and clearing up respiratory problems. Supposedly it tastes like sweet tonic water.
So does it really work? Nobody knows for sure but it's big business in other parts of the world especially because of its new, non-politically correct name.