We told you a little while ago that there’s a shortage of truckers. To the tune of 120-thousand jobs up for grabs! Well, here’s some incentive to climb in the cab and keep on truckin’. You can now get a college education – and earn a degree – without leaving your Freightliner.

According to Newsweek magazine, so far, 500 truckers/students have enrolled in “In Cab University” – the first accredited college catering to the trucking community. Classes started at the beginning of September and drivers listen to lectures while on the road and submit assignments at rest stops and loading docks using cell phones and Wi-Fi. Drivers can earn degrees in Behavioral Science, Business Administration, Homeland Security, Information Systems Technology, and Fire Science Technology.

As an additional perk, five major trucking fleets have agreed to cover the $225-dollar-per-credit-hour tuition in exchange for long term commitments. That’s in an effort to reduce driver turnover and the hundred-thousand driver shortage. And besides science, business, and humanities courses, drivers can enroll in “personal growth” electives that deal with issues like long-distance relationships. If you’re a driver or know someone who is, the website for In Cab University is In Cab U .com.