Most people Google a first date to see what comes up, but if you’re in a relationship, stay away from their MySpace and Facebook profile! Why? Because it could ruin your relationship! According to psychologist, Jamie Turndorf, the nature of these personal online pages actually breeds jealousy and suspiciousness – because everyone can see who you’re talking to, your personal pictures and comments. What you see in cyberspace could be easily misinterpreted. Like if you see pictures of your new boyfriend hugging another woman, or trading “in jokes” with friends that don’t make sense out of context. Studies show that even usually level-headed people are turning into cyber-stalkers - obsessively checking up on each other. There are even names for it: FaceStalking and MyStalking. Still, if you find yourself checking your honey’s FaceBook page for the thousandth time, here are three tips from MSNBC to help you stay sane.

  • Talk about it ASAP. If you find something suspicious or confusing on your partner’s profile, clear the air immediately. Make it about you and your feelings. Say something like, “I’m probably worried about nothing but I saw the pictures of you and Bobby at The Police concert. Should I be jealous?”
  • Do a show-and-tell. In other words, sit down with your new significant other, and go through your online profiles together. That way, you both can get your questions answered right off the bat, and avoid unnecessary heartache.
  • Post responsibly! If you’re in a relationship, consider taking down anything that might be misinterpreted.
  • Finally, for people with legitimate suspicions, social-networking sites can help catch a cheater. Especially people in long-distance relationships, or those who are dating and not attending the same schools. You don’t really need to look at someone’s My Space page to know if they’re cheating. Experts say that your intuition is rarely wrong. Basically, the technology won’t tell you if they’re being dishonest or unfaithful. It just may confirm it.