It used to be that if you heard someone outside yelling, “Buster, Duke, Lucky – dinner!” - you’d know they were calling their dogs. These days, they might be calling their kids. Why? Because the line between kid names and pet names has become incredibly blurry. And a lot of pet-and-people names have been reversed.

Why the change? It used to be that dogs were considered pets. These days, more people consider their dogs to be a member of the family – so the names reflect that. And they’re frequently being replaced by popular people names.

The top dog names at the moment are: Bella, Molly, and Lucy for girl dogs and Max, Jake, and Charlie for the boys.

On the flip side, regular dog names have become popular for human kids – and celebrities are leading the trend. For example, Mike Myers recently named his son Spike. Other celebrity kid names include Buster, Buddy Bear, Lucky, Bandit and Rocket.