It’s a proven fact that everyone blushes. The good news is: Studies show that blushing can make you a more appealing person, and makes people think you’re more honest. A blush is an involuntary physical response that occurs when you’re in an uncomfortable situation. Your adrenaline levels soar, your heart races, and your breathing gets faster. To compensate, your brain signals the blood vessels in your head and neck to relax and expand, and the extra blood rushes in, turning your face and neck red.

Interestingly enough, according to a new study, people who blush are more likely to be seen in a positive light, and are more likely to be considered trustworthy. Researchers had volunteers play an online game with an unseen virtual opponent – who ended up cheating and winning the game. Then the participants were shown a picture of their virtual opponent with different expressions: Neutral, embarrassed, and embarrassment with a blush. Then, the volunteers were asked how much they trusted her. The result: Volunteers judged the cheater less harshly if she had rosy cheeks, and believed she was more honest, and less likely to cheat in the future. This means – even if you do something wrong – people are more likely to like you afterwards if you’re blushing. I guess it also means, don’t be fooled just because someone’s blushing. They still may cheat.