How do you spell high fashion these days? According to ABC News, a growing number of people are spelling it with the letters “P” and “J” – as in pajamas. That’s because pants with buttons and zippers are out, while PJs made to look like real pants are in, big time. In fact, sales for so-called “active wear” – including pajamas, leggings, and sweatpants – reached $25 billion in North America last year. That’s more than double the amount we spent on regular pants and jeans! Instead of just buying pajamas to wear at home, many people are buying pajama-and-pants combos made to be worn full-time – no matter where you go.

  1. For example: You’ve probably seen infomercials for Pajama Jeans. Those are a sweatpant-jean hybrid made of cotton and spandex, with a drawstring-waist. The ads say these PJs look like they were created by, quote: “some European designer” – just because they include fancy stitching and metal rivets.
  2. Another trendy PJ-and-pants combo is Jumpin’ Jammerz. That’s a footed, one-piece pajama set for adults. Ever since actor Ryan Gosling wore a pair on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the company’s been selling 1,500 pairs a day! There are even reports of people throwing parties, where everyone wears a favorite pair of Jumpin’ Jammerz onesies.

Experts say the key to all this PJ popularity is online marketing, because most people walk right by pajamas sold on shelves in stores. If you see a funny video for Pajama Pants on YouTube, for example, you might be tempted to order a pair. Of course, as we’ve said before, not everyone’s a fan of the pajama-pants trend. Phillip Bloch is a celebrity stylist who says this is just the latest example of “lazy fashion.” He adds that the only way North Americans could get any lazier is if we started wearing PJs to work, which some people already do!