Here's a list of the biggies we got this from Fitness Magazine. The top resolutions you should NOT make:

  • To conquer your fear of heights by skydiving. Why you shouldn't do it--Because going to extremes for your emotional health is more foolish than fearless. Psychotherapist Dr. Patricia Farrell says you should have a healthy respect for heights, speed and other dangerous things. So don't bungee jump or sky dive to conquer your fear only do it if it's a long time dream - not if it's about proving something to yourself or others. If fear is something that's really holding you back in life, seek counseling.
  • The next resolution you shouldn't make: To do hard-core exercise everyday. The boot-camp approach may get you buff in a hurry, but it can also overtax muscles, making you more susceptible to injury. That comes from personal trainer to the stars Liz Neporent. Instead, vow to do something every day. A goal you'll actually stick with makes more sense than going for broke and burning out.
  • Resolution #3 that you should never make: To stop gossiping. Now before you have a meltdown, let me explain why gossip can be good. According to psychology professor Dr. Frank McAndrew, gossip is the glue that holds our social network together. If you and another person have access to the same secret, you become allies. However, this doesn't hold true if the news you spread is malicious. If back-stabbing is your style, cut it out now--Or I'll tell everyone what you did.
  • And the final resolution you shouldn't make: To fit into your favorite pair of jeans from high-school. Even if you weigh what you did at age 17, your body could be a lot different. According to Fitness magazine, our bodies go through a variety of changes over the years. Muscle is replaced by fat or visa versa. Curves become more defined, especially after having kids. So drop your old jeans off at Goodwill and splurge on a new pair. With all the new styles that flatter different shapes, you'll look better than you did at the prom.