Here are a few myths about finding your “soul mate” busted wide open. To separate fact from fiction, we consulted social therapy counselor and professor James Piers – and Netscape .com:

  • Myth #1: Every person on earth has one ideal partner – their “soul mate.” That’s False. Of course, it sounds great – and plenty of romantic movies perpetuate that myth. But studies show that a lot of people who lose their “one true love” are able to find deep, abiding love again.
  • Opposites attract. That’s False. Studies show that the most successful couples have a lot in common. We’re not talking “you love tennis and they love hockey.” But it matters if one of you wants children, and the other doesn’t. Or if one person has a strong work ethic and the other would rather sit on the couch all day and eat bon-bons. Because couples need to have the same core values to stay connected.
  • Another “love myth”: People usually marry someone just like Mom or Dad. That’s True. Research shows that we’re attracted to people who remind us of loved ones. Why? Because familiarity is comforting. And people searching for a mate subconsciously believe that anybody with a genetic profile similar to their parents would make a good parent, too.
  • And a final “love myth”: You get what you expect. Again, that’s True. Researchers have found that people look for a partner who fits into their expectations for the future. For example, if you’re a wannabe politician, you’d probably look for a spouse who’s supportive, organized, and shines in public. Someone who can support your ambitions and make you look better. If you’d like to go further, check out the book: Opposite Schmopposite by Paul and Emily Ann Moses.