You’ve got the skills. You’re a great worker and a loyal employee. Yet, good people just like you are getting laid-off from their jobs every day. So, how do you make yourself indispensable? Ariane de Bonvoisin is the founder and CEO of, a site that helps people deal with issues such as lay-offs and finding a new job. She says the key to surviving isn’t just about the skills you have, or the awards you’ve won. It’s also about qualities, habits, and capabilities. Here’s what she says you need to know if you want to survive the next round of layoffs.

  • Remember – it’s not about YOU right now. In challenging times, your employer needs you to be a selfless, cooperative team player who meets and exceeds your responsibilities. Your time at the office can’t be an energy drain - or create extra work for anyone. So, force yourself to focus on your company’s success, not your own.
  • Become a “black belt” at change. de Bonvoisin says that the most important skill to develop right now is how to roll with the punches. That means being flexible, open-minded, and accepting whatever management throws your way. Say “yes” to everything. Resisting change will only make things more difficult for you, for management - and for everyone.
  • Start tweeting or start packing. de Bonvoisin says you need to acquaint yourself with social networks and mobile applications that’ll help you stay relevant. If you let things like Twitter and the iPhone intimidate you, you’re giving your boss reasons to replace you with someone younger and more in the game.
  • Everything is your job. Forget your title, your impressive résumé, and your ego. Show your commitment to the overall success of your company by taking on tasks that fall outside your job description. Pitch in on packing up the trade-show booth. Offer to take notes and follow up after every meeting. Get your own coffee. Nothing is beneath you. The little things you do will serve you well when it’s downsizing time.