Being a flight attendant may seem adventurous and fun, but it’s no secret that it’s also a lot of work. So, here’s how to make a flight attendant’s day – and make your next flight more enjoyable for everyone. We got this from the lifestyle website

  • First, be polite. Yes, the security lines were long, and the flight’s full – but flight attendants only get paid when the plane’s engines are running. So, be extra-nice while they’re helping you board the plane for free.
  • Remember that overhead compartments are shared space. So, put your small, squishy bag and coat under the seat in front of you, and leave the extra space for the giant carry-ons more people are bringing now that most airlines charge for checked baggage.
  • Flight attendants realize that the 200 pound beverage cart they’re pushing up the aisle can completely crush your toes or mash your designer handbag. They’ll be really, really sorry if it happens. However, do yourself – and them - a favor, and keep your stuff and your extremities safely out of the aisle.
  • You also need to take the exit-row information seriously. Passenger safety is a flight attendant's #1 responsibility. If you’re sitting in an exit row during an emergency, you’ll be expected to know what to do. So, pay attention, even if you’ve heard it all before. It could save your life – and the lives of everyone around you – if there’s a problem.
  • Most airlines no longer serve food, but it’s not the flight attendant’s fault. If you want to complain, write to the airline.
  • When you ask a flight attendant for anything, take off your headphones, and no shouting, poking or grabbing. If you need help, push the call button.
  • Don’t give a flight attendant your child’s dirty diapers. You should be changing diapers in the airplane lavatory, and washing your hands afterwards to keep from contaminating everything you touch afterwards.