When it comes to their job, the truth is - many people have to work a bit at loving it. A long commute, a predictable routine, annoying coworkers or mountains of paperwork can put a real damper on your satisfaction level. Here’s the good part: the secret to career fulfillment isn’t always found in a better job. Sometimes the only thing you need to change is your own attitude. Dr. Judith Sills, a clinical psychologist and contributor to Psychology Today, says experts have known for a long time that attitude can be significantly influenced by where you choose to focus your attention. What we think shapes how we feel. So, unless you manage to find your dream job, here are a couple of tips that’ll come in handy to love the job you have.

  • Cherish your social support. In war, soldiers often say that they fight on behalf of their unit buddies. Well, it’s similar in the office. Whether we’re making products or selling them, we’re fighting alongside our buddies. Their friendship and success are often the best reasons to come to work. Not to mention your own contribution to the overall cause.
  • Positive mentoring. If you work in a place where you can learn new skills, and you have a boss who takes time to show you the way – you have an advantage that many workers don’t. The value of good mentoring may not show up on your paycheck, but it’s one of the biggest perks imaginable.

Now, here’s the flipside. While great coworkers and an awesome boss can turn your attitude around, Dr. Sills says there are still times when they WON’T. You need to recognize those, too. For example:

  • If it embarrasses you to tell people what you do. Take that seriously, and consider a new job.
  • If you connect with no one. If you have no problem creating friendships outside of work, but you haven’t managed to connect with a single coworker on a social level, then you’re probably with the wrong group of people.
  • Reconsider your job if: You’re overwhelmed with rage or anxiety on a daily basis. Daily outbursts or inner explosions at the office are a sign that something is definitely wrong – most likely, the job itself.