We found some of the most common diet myths at iVillage .com. Shying away from these old-wives tales could be the secret to a slimmer you:

  • Myth #1: Hot and spicy foods speed up fat-burning. If you like your buffalo wings tongue-singeing hot, you're not raising your metabolism to burn that fat any faster. Researchers say the difference is so tiny, it won't make a dent in your diet. The rumor may have started because chili makes food tastier, which means it's more satisfying. When you enjoy your food, you'll feel fulfilled sooner, which could mean fewer calories.
  • Myth #2: Celery has negative calories. Lots of fad diets claim there are fat-burning foods with "negative calories." And vegetables like celery do use more energy to digest than they provide. But they don't give you a calorie deficit. Meaning, they're not going to work against that slice of cherry pie.
  • Myth #3: Your metabolism is slower at night. Despite what most people say, your metabolism doesn't slow down before bedtime. What could have caused the rumor is the fact that many of us snack late at night, and lots of snacking is never a good idea. Picking a cut-off time can help you to not pack on those potato chips. But don't be fooled - they'll have the same effect on your body if you eat them at midday or midnight.