It's a way of seeking out romance without looking desperate.
According to USA Today, people are hosting creative parties, hoping to make love connections. The idea is to increase the odds by inviting only singles and decrease the creep factor of other meet-and-greets, by inviting only people in your circle of friends. Here are some ideas that might inspire you:
In New York City, Melissa Schweiger started hosting the first Hook-Up-a-Sister party, as in "sisters in singlehood". The party has the feel of a wedding reception, where love often blooms and everyone is connected in some way to the bride or the groom. The tagline to the email she sends out is: "Got an ex you're still friends with? Invite him! Your discard could be somebody else's dreamboat."
Another group championed "the three R's of solid date management" - reduce, reuse, and recycle. Party guests are encouraged to bring their "gently used" single friends in an attempt to recycle dates and reduce the amount of people dumped in New York City.
And in San Francisco and the Twin Cities, people are hosting hot-luck parties, in which each guest brings a hot dude instead of a hot dish.
So there you go! If you're single, you now have some great new ideas on how to meet that person you've been waiting for. And you can finally retire those cheesy pick up lines.