Here are 5 great tips from Family Circle magazine:

  • First, be a part of each other's stories. So you don't like fishing, who cares. Go along on a trip and see what happens. Even if you end up getting sick over the side of the boat, you are now part of your husband's fishing story. And the more stories a couple can tell that include both partners and the more times a couple says the word "we" when telling them, the stronger their bond is.
  • Next, you have to show each other you love each other. There's an old French proverb that goes, "There is always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek." Be the one who kisses. Your partner will respond in kind.
  • The third tip to bring you closer: Know what to remember and what to forget. If you spend your life tallying up each other's mistakes, you'll be miserable. Learn to forget the bad stuff and remember the good.
  • The fourth tip for happy couples: When it comes to infidelity, there is no such thing as "It didn't mean anything." It does. Just don't do it.
  • And the fifth piece of advice from Family Circle for happy couples: Be on each other's side. Even if you think your wife is wrong, stick up for her in front of others. That goes for your in-laws and kids too. When you have a unified front, nothing can break you apart.