Try THIS: Google recently launched a new search tool called Google Flu Trends. It compares actual reports on flu activity from doctors with the number of people who search for words like “flu” and “virus” on Google. Then the site predicts where outbreaks are most likely to appear next - based on the assumption that people are more likely to search for flu-related topics if they actually have flu-like symptoms.

When Google compared an early version of this Flu Trends tool with actual numbers from the CDC, they found the site had predicted flu outbreaks up to two full weeks before the government reported them! That’s why representatives from the CDC have endorsed Flu Trends as, quote: “An early-warning system for influenza.” The earlier you know about a potential outbreak, the earlier you can take precautions to avoid it. You can find Google’s Flu Trends tool at

Here are three great Websites to track Swine Flu:

  • On Twitter, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set up a network for broadcasting Swine Flu updates. You’ll find that at
  • There’s also Google’s new Flu Trends tool, which the CDC describes as “an early warning system for influenza.” You can find that at
  • Finally, you can track the spread of Swine Flu – or any global disease – at