McDonald's was the first restaurant to use an assembly line to 'manufacture' their burgers. Which meant, every burger in Tulsa, Oklahoma was made exactly the same as every burger in Toronto, Ontario. And they could be delivered, hot, within 60 seconds. But according to CNN, just getting your food, fast, isn't good enough anymore. And the biggest complaints at fast-food restaurants today are long lines, and getting the order wrong.
So, McDonald's is trying to correct both those problems with new do-it-yourself computer kiosks. You step up to a touch screen that has pictures of food, and instructions in English and Spanish, and you customize your own order. The computer then verifies your order, sends it directly to the kitchen, and takes plastic or cash. And in about a minute, a server comes out with your food.
The do-it-yourself kiosks are being tested in Illinois, Colorado, and North Carolina. And customers are happier already because they control the entire process. It'll be a year or so before you find do-it-yourself ordering kiosks at a McDonald's near you but we'll keep you posted.