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Health And Well-Being

Which is Worse? Fat & Sugar Edition

Find out whether you should stick with a chicken caesar salad or a chicken sandwich, which alcoholic drink to stay away from and which peanut butter is sneaking extra sugar into your diet.


Money And Finance

March Madness Intel

Ever wonder why it's called March Madness?
We'll tell you how the basketball frenzy impacts everything from when a man schedules his vasectomy to the amount of fast food we eat.


Home Improvement

Landscape To Boost Home Value

To give your yard a more manicured look, check out this video for terrific solutions to cut the grass overgrowth down to size.


Health And Well-Being

The Dangers of Chronic Stress

From weight gain to higher blood pressure, Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of The Doctors, explains the damage chronic stress can do to our bodies.


Love And Relationships

Top 3 Myths About Love

We break down some of the most common beliefs about love to find out what's true and what's false.

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Connie’s Latest Read

A Short Guide To A Long Life

Check out A Short Guide To A Long Life, the latest from Dr. David Agus, who’s a frequent guest featured on Intelligence For Your Health. Read More

Radio show producer Betsy recommends

Earth-friendly dog poop bags!

With 2 dogs, Betsy feels like she has a part-time job picking up dog poop. Being conscious of waste in general, she uses Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags created by a company that also manufactures the packaging using recycled materials. Click here for more details about the biodegradable and compostable bags that won’t sit in a landfill forever. Try the unscented ones that Betsy likes! Read More

Gib Recommends Reading

The Pixar Touch

His latest read tells the story of how the incredible animation studios came to be. The inspiring stories lead to all kinds of ideas for Intelligence For Your Life TV. Click here to find out helps Gib get those creative juices flowing. Read More

Gib’s Favorite Gadgets

Get Email On Your Watch!

Get the inside scoop on Gib’s latest gadget obsession… the smart watch that tells time, has caller ID and alerts you to emails. Read More

John’s Latest Read

What Doctors Eat

After a recent interview with holistic and integrative medicine expert, Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, John read her book What Doctors Eat to get the inside scoop on doctor’s real-life diets, how they manage stress levels and the exercise plans they maintain to stay healthy. Read More

John’s Movie Recommendation


John revealed he really enjoyed this movie - particularly John Leguizamo’s performance. But eat something before you go! He left the theater and had to go get a Cuban sandwich asap! Read More