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Health And Well-Being

Stop Snoring Now!

If youíre tried of losing sleep because your partner canít stop snoring, we have the solution. From the position you sleep in to the infamous tennis ball trick, find out the easy way to stop all that snoring!


Home Improvement

Finding the Right Grill

BBQ Intel From the Home Depot.
In the market for a new barbecue. There are plenty of options. Check out this video from our friends at the Home Depot for all the choices and how to become a barbecue master, too.


Love And Relationships

Dinner Table Etiquette Mistakes

You could be making some major etiquette mistakes at the table without knowing it! We explain how putting your napkin in your lap at the wrong time or tasting someone elseís meal could make you look like a rude dinner guest.


Health And Well-Being

Which Is Worse: The Breakfast Battle

Deciding which breakfast to grab on the go? Find out if a muffin is healthier for you than a bagel! And we reveal why a cheap pair of sunglasses can cost us in the long run.

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Johnís Latest Read

What Doctors Eat

After a recent interview with holistic and integrative medicine expert, Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, John read her book What Doctors Eat to get the inside scoop on doctorís real-life diets, how they manage stress levels and the exercise plans they maintain to stay healthy. Read More

Gibís Favorite Gadgets

Get Email On Your Watch!

Get the inside scoop on Gibís latest gadget obsessionÖ the smart watch that tells time, has caller ID and alerts you to emails. Read More

Gib Recommends Reading

The Pixar Touch

His latest read tells the story of how the incredible animation studios came to be. The inspiring stories lead to all kinds of ideas for Intelligence For Your Life TV. Click here to find out helps Gib get those creative juices flowing. Read More

Radio show producer Betsy recommends

Earth-friendly dog poop bags!

With 2 dogs, Betsy feels like she has a part-time job picking up dog poop. Being conscious of waste in general, she uses Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags created by a company that also manufactures the packaging using recycled materials. Click here for more details about the biodegradable and compostable bags that wonít sit in a landfill forever. Try the unscented ones that Betsy likes! Read More

Johnís Movie Recommendation


John revealed he really enjoyed this movie - particularly John Leguizamoís performance. But eat something before you go! He left the theater and had to go get a Cuban sandwich asap! Read More

Connieís Latest Read

A Short Guide To A Long Life

Check out A Short Guide To A Long Life, the latest from Dr. David Agus, whoís a frequent guest featured on Intelligence For Your Health. Read More